Your business may be entitled to large cash incentives & credits that you may not even know exist!

Discover an immediate source of cash for your business today!

"Our consultant made the process very simple and easy to understand. I was surprised how much he was able to get back for my business. I couldn't recommend them enough!"
Teresa W.
President, Consultant Services

The R&D Tax Credit, And more...

Congress enacted the R&D Tax Credit in 1981 which has been expanded through several administrations. Over the past 37 years the government has enacted over 700 mandated dollar-for-dollar incentives and credits. These are designed to help American businesses be more competitive & keep jobs in the USA and in their local communities. They reward companies who innovate, expand their business & develop or improve existing products or services. Additionally, over 40 States also offer Tax Credits & Incentives at the State level.

Experience You Can trust

Our team has been in business over 12 years, and our tax and incentive program specialists, have helped more than 5,000 businesses claim these lucrative tax credits & incentives. We have developed the first comprehensive credit software, and in combination with our accountants, attorneys and specialists, we run through over 700 credits, incentives & rebates. See how much you can get back today!

Most Businesses are missing out!

The Wall Street Journal discovered that 19 out of 20 businesses that qualified for these benefits fail to claim anything although they are fully entitled to them. But Why? Simply because they don’t know they exist.

Top Myths About credits and incentives

Only For Large Companies

Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you have a company with hundreds of employees or are a sole proprietor, you likely qualify for credits & incentives which could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

The R&D Tax Credits are too complicated to get

We make the process simple and easy for you. We do the work, and you get the credit! We set up an easy process to obtain the credits fast and seamlessly.

Only for companies who invent something new

You could very well be eligible if you simply modify or improve an existing product or service. In addition, we go through over 700 different credits on your behalf including hiring credits, energy credits, and much more.

We Don't Qualify

Companies claim billions in tax credits each year, but most go to large companies, until now. If your business has improved any process, product, software or formula, then you qualify! Over 95% of the businesses that work will us qualify.

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Discover an immediate source of cash for your business

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